Stunning freestanding bathtub including overflow and pop-up closure.
The monobloc bath is made of high-quality mineral cast (Mineralium) and features essential and beautiful lines that will bring luxury and elegance to your bathroom. 
The internal and external colour of this bathtub is white matte. No adhesive is required to fix this bath on the floor: with a weight of 150 kg, our bath tub is characterized by a great stability and safety. But if necessary, it can be fixed with silicone.
Our mineralium baths are composed by an internal high-quality core, covered by a beautiful gel-coating. This special combination shows the redefined quality and beauty of our products. Moreover, thanks to a low thermal conductivity of the bath materials, water can maintain a constant temperature for a longer time.

Product code



180 x 85 x 64 cm




150 kg


270 L

Technical drawing