The company was founded in 2011 by the union of 3 factories manufacturing and importing Mineral lite, Accessory, Enclosure  which decided to make synergy to create a winning project based on three main areas: design, quality and service.

After an initial stage dedicated to producing solid surface elements in 2013, De Munich has the first shower enclosures and in 2015 launches the new range of shower trays.

But De Munich is today and appreciated thanks to the ability to innovate with particular attention to the design and the level of service that guarantees its customers.

Our values

De Munich has always believed in pursuing the quality and ethics of work as key factors for the growth and development of society.

De Munich is able to present itself in the global market by providing consumers of all countries with the attention, reliability, and service they need.

Each stage of production follows the highest quality German standards, creating a 100% De Munich product.

Every employee’s commitment to sales, engineering, and production is aimed at meeting customers and collaborations at any time – direct and indirect. This closeness to the customer allows us to have an exchange of continuous information and a flexible orientation to different needs.