Support folding handle Premium

The support handle DEH625 makes it easier to handle in the bathroom and gives you security if your mobility should be limited. Mount the support handle in your shower cubicle next to a shower seat. Suitable shower seats can be found in our collection The support handle is up to max. 150 kg load capacity and can be easily folded up to save space on the knob. The handle is mounted on a wall rail and can be adjusted in a convenient height for you on the side mounted lever. Main component of the support handle is super-aluminum. It is lightweight and at the same time guarantees strength and stability. The glossy, smooth surface is anodized and sealed, providing an elegant look in silver gray. The cushion pads in white are non-slip and have a floral pattern. The soft material of the cushion pad is skin-friendly, temperature-resistant, durable and resistant to chemicals and solvents. For easy cleaning of the support handle, use normal soapy water.

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Length incl. Wall rail 62.5 cm


super-aluminum with anodised surface

Color aluminum silver gray
Cushion pad White

max. 150 kg

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