Our SMC shower tray (Sheet-Molding-Compound) will seduce you with its modernity and elegance, its incredible stability and its non-slip and scratch-resistant surface. The shower tray has a very low profile of only 3,7 cm, which allows an installation on one level. You can choose among 5 different dimentions to find the ideal one for every need. In addition the shower tray can be cut with a diamond disc to meet perfectly your exigences. What does SMC stand for? SMC stands for Sheet Moulding Compound (it consists of thermosetting polyester resin) and is ideally suited for the manufacture of the shower trays. SMC uses fibre-reinforced polymers which are compacted. Heat and pressure act on the charge to shape it. The quality of SMC is very high and consistent thanks to the use of impregnated fibres. This makes the shower trays even lighter and more robust.


90 x 90 cm
120 x 80 cm
120 x 90 cm
140 x 80 cm
160 x 80 cm



Technical drawing