The new freestanding basin of De Munich is selectable in two different colours. You can choose between a white matte basin or a basin with a glossy black external surface and a white internal one. The structure of Solidium is composed of an external white coating of stone resin (similar to Corian® by Dupont, a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals such as limestone, marble and rare minerals). The surface finish is smooth and non-porous, which makes it easy to clean. Its design is simple and elegant. The color of this freestanding wash basin is resistant and stable. The basin does not need to be fixed on the floor. If neccesary, its can be fixed with silicon. You can combine the basin with a built-in tap or a freestanding modern mixer. The basin presents a hole in the posterior side where the siphon can go out to be installed.

Product code



50 x 36 x 85 cm



Technical drawing